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Uses Of Metal Detectors

Posted by Admin on July, 22, 2014

A Metal Detector is an instrument that detects the presence of nearby metals. It can easily detect metallic objects buried underground or hidden within something. The Metal Detector usually has a sensor probe which can be swept over objects to detect the presence of metal. On the detection of metal, it produces either a sound or a needle indication. Metal Detectors are widely used these days. It is used in mineral prospecting, security, land mine detection, treasure hunting, etc.

Metal Detectors are widely used in different areas like:


Metal Detectors are widely used for security purposes in airports, metro stations and buildings to detect the presence of deadly weapons like guns, knives, bombs, etc. There are two types of Security Metal Detectors namely the walk through detector and the hand detector. The walk through detector has a gate through which the individual passes. An alarm sounds on detection of any metallic object. On the other hand the hand Detector is slowly moved by the security personnel on the individual to detect the presence of any metallic object. This is a laborious task but much cheaper than walk through Detector.

Construction Industry

Industrial Metal Detectors are widely used in the construction industry to detect the presence of steel bars, metal wires and pipes in concrete. This is essential to avoid damage during plumbing and reinforcement works. Some of the Industrial Metal Detectors closely resemble the hand Detectors.

Land Mine Detection

The defense forces around the world are using Metal Detectors to detect land mines, since time immemorial. These Detectors are effective in detecting both antipersonnel and antitank land mines. The land mines are generally buried close to the surface.

Treasure Hunting

Metal Detectors are used in different types of treasure hunting that include hunting for coins, relics, historical artifacts, prospecting gold, etc.

Metal Detectors have completely changed and simplified the security procedures to a large extent. Owing to the increasing demand of Metal Detectors, we see a significant increase in the number of Manufacturers and Suppliers of Metal Detectors.

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